Anon Thai -
Thai Massage Fairview

100% Authentic Thai Physical Therapy Center

Thai Physical Therapy is for everybody regardless of the individuals age  or level of fitness. This therapy is the application of varying degrees of pressure to the kneading of the muscles together with the flexing of the joints resulting in renewed energy, robustness and a general feeling of well being. Mai Thai staff will alleviate the weight from tired inactive muscles and will ease the pain from the neck, the back and seizing joints. The therapy is invaluable for the person about to commence exercise after periods of inactivity.

Special Offer €50 per hr.

Located next to
"Wright's Of Marino",
on street parking available.

Telephone 01 805 6820 If the Line is busy, Call us on 089 207 5736

01 805 6820

1st Floor, 22 Marino Mart, Fairview, Dublin D03W1C8